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Manage administrator settings

Access the Congressify settings

To open Congressify, right click on the icon in the task bar and select Settings. You can also type http://localhost/#/settings or replace localhost by the IP address of the computer where Congressify is installed.


Congressify requires minimal configuration. To use the application you need a license for a specific amount of users, which you have to activate on the computer where you install Congressify. Besides the license, you can also change the application port and the Default language of the application.

Figure 1-6 The Configuration page of the Congressify settings

Participants can change the language of the application as described in "Change the application language" on page 1.

Manage licenses

Before you can start to use Congressify you need to validate your license. For this you need the MAC address, which is available on the Configuration page. The validation process is described in detail in "Manage Congressify licenses" on page 1.

Note that you need to be connected to the internet to be able to activate your Congressify license.

Check number of licensed users

Go to Configuration, under Validation of license you can see Number of licensed users. This is the amount of users that can login to Congressify simultaneously.

To change the amount of licensed users follow the procedure described here: "License process to Change the amount of licensed users" on page 1

Change application port

In cases where the application port is blocked, there is an option to change the port used by Congressify. To change the application port go to Configuration and change the number under Application Port. Click Save to confirm the changes.

When the default pot is not available, Congressify will use the next available port.

Organization information

In Congressify you can personalize the header by adding your company name and logo.

Figure 1-7 How to manage the Organization settings in Congressify

Manage the organization name

Add the name of your organization to display it in the header of Congressify. Go to Organization Information and type in the name in the Name field. Click Save to confirm the changes.

Manage the organization logo

You can add a company logo to display it next to the company name in the Congressify header. Click Browse to select the image you want to display. Click Save to confirm the change.

The image can have the following format: PNG, JPG or SVG. The file cannot be larger than 1 MB.


In Congressify you can upload different documents which will then be available to the participants in the meeting using the Congressify application. There are two options to add documents:

  • Add documents using the CoCon Meeting Manager. Note that you need a CoCon Documentation license in this case. See the CoCon user guide for a detailed description on how to add documents to CoCon.
  • Add documents to a local folder on the computer where Congressify is installed.

Figure 1-8 How to add documents to Congressify

Configure the documents folder

Go to the Documents tab of the Congressify settings. Under Documents Folder type in the address of the folder where you will put all documents that are relevant for the meeting. Click Save to confirm the change.

Make sure you have access to this folder on the computer where Congressify is installed.

Currently it is only possible to upload PDF documents in Congressify.

View all documents in Congressify

To see all documents that are available in Congressify go to Documents in the Congressify settings. Under List of Documents you can find all documents that where added in the CoCon Meeting Manager together with the documents that are available in the folder specified under Documents Folder.

You can use the Search functionality to look for specific documents.

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