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About Congressify

Concept and design

Congressify is a software product specifically developed to allow participants of a meeting to view meeting information on their own device. Therefore Congressify was exclusively built for tablets.

Congressify works with the Plixus® architecture and integrates seamlessly with the Congressify software suite. You can combine it with different audio-only microphone units. As a result, meeting participants can consult the following information on their tablet:

  • who is speaking and who is up next
  • agenda topics
  • follow the progress of the meeting with relevant information about delegates
  • see documents for the meeting
  • view information per agenda topic (speaker, topic)
  • consult voting results

Figure 1-1 Combine the units in the Plixus network indicated in blue with Congressify


Creation date: 21/10/2019 14:30 (b.maertens@televic.com)      Updated: 21/10/2019 14:30 ()