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Update versions

Use the Update version page to see the update history of your system and update to a different version.

Figure 1-71 The Update page

Update CoCon system

To update the CoCon system, click Load file. Open the correct .tuf file. Uploading a file can take some time. Do not refresh the page during this process.

You can find all CoCon related software updates on the Televic Conference website (https://www.televic-conference.com/en/plixus-software-updates).

After upload, click Start update. This will start the update process.

Do not switch off, change configurations on the system or refresh the update page while the update is ongoing.

Figure 1-72 Upgrade in process

It can time some time before the update is complete, the duration depends on the number of units and the amount of different units connected to the system.

When the update is complete click Reboot system to restart this the system. This is required for the update to be successful.

Figure 1-73 Reboot system after update

Golden firmware (version programmed during production process) will not be impacted by a CRP update. This firmware is used as a bootloader and used as fallback in case a failure occurs and unit doesn’t boot to application software.

Different golden firmware versions have no influence on the functional performance of the system.

To be able to update the Confidea G3 WCAP and units, you need to uncouple these from the CoCon system and perform the update using the Confidea G3 web server. See the Confidea G3 user guide for more information.

Update versions

Under Versionyou can find a list with all devices in the network (also units that are not yet initialized). Click Download overview to get a .txt file that contains all devices together with their serial numbers and firmware versions. You can use this as reference before the update.

If the system discovers a version mismatch, you will get an error message showing which devices are affected.

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