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The Home page

This is the default landing page of the web server and it shows general together with crucial information about the current state of your conference system. Click the feature name to go to the dedicated page to configure the setting.

On the left side you can see the following information:

  • General volume
  • Microphone mode
  • Number of active units
  • Number of faulty units
  • Number of connected but uninitialized units
Faulty units, means that there are units missing, that are normally in the initialization list. If this is the case, this is indicated in red. A reason could be that they are not booted correctly or that they are physically disconnected from the Plixus network.

On the right side you see the following items:

  • IP address o the system
  • MAC address of the CoCon engine
  • Connection status with CoCon Room Server
  • Connection Status with Plixus Core
By default it is not possible to disconnect from CoCon Core, however when CoCon Core crashes home page will show CoCon Core Not connected. Click Restart to restart CoCon Core.
Creation date: 21/10/2019 14:19 (b.maertens@televic.com)      Updated: 21/10/2019 14:19 ()