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Install Confidea G3

Within CoCon it is possible to connect the engine to a Confidea G3 wireless system. When connected, CoCon will treat the units the same way as all other wired units.

Connect Wireless Conference Access Point (WCAP) to CoCon network

Use the conference ports on the WCAP to connect to the CoCon engine or a network extender. In some cases you want to have multiple WCAPs available ( see "Combine Plixus with Confidea G3" on page 1 for more information). You can daisy chain multiple WCAPs in one branch. We suggest not to put more than eight WCAPs on one branch.

Figure 1-46 Back view with conference ports on Confidea G3 WCAP

To supply power to the WCAP you can use its external power supply, but you can also use the power supplied by the engine or network extender with power over Ethernet.

When your setup contains multiple WCAPs, then these should use a different frequency to allow successful initialization.


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