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Power supply

Power network extenders

To supply power to the network extenders 48 VDC is required. A WAGO Power Connector supplies the necessary power. It is advised to use strain reliefs.

Figure 1-38 WAGO connector together with the connection available on the devices

Each power connector has two interfaces with three contacts that allows you to daisy chain units.
When connecting the power cables, please note the correct order of the cables and their corresponding colors, see the picture above.

Power uniCOS units and uniBOX

When you do not provide power to these units over the CoCon cable, you can use the snap and lock mini DIN power plug. Plug in the connector to the unit and connect the wires on the other end of the DIN power plug to the CoCon power supply you are using. You can use any connector of your choice for this (for example a WAGO connector, a junction box, a power bus distributor, etc.). By default a WAGO connector is supplied with the unit. You can power the uniCOS and uniBOX units as depicted in the image below and using the description of the WAGO connector in the previous section.

Figure 1-39 How to power the uniCOS unit using the Plixus Power Supply and the supplied WAGO connector

Figure 1-40 Posistion of the snap and lock mini DIN power plug on the uniCOS units and uniBOX

Power supply of the central unit

When connecting power at the back of the central engine, please note the correct order of the cables and their corresponding colors

CoCon AE-R

To supply power to the CoCon AE-R using the power outlets on the engine. You can add two 220 V power supplies. Use a second one when 220 V is insufficient or as a redundant power supply.

Figure 1-41 How to supply power to the CoCon AE-R


The CoCon MME has an internal power supply. To supply power to the units using the CoCon MME put the cables in the correct order:

  1. Blue cable = 0 V
  2. Green / yellow cable= earth
  3. Brown cable = 48 VDC

Figure 1-42 Power connection of CoCon MME

You can supply power the units over Ethernet. Each conference ports can supply a maximum of 100 W.

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