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Cabling of Nameplate

Figure 1-47 The bottom side of the CoCon showing all available ports

You can use the CoCon in your Plixus network. There are two options to connect to the nameplate to your system. You can use the Plixus conference ports (1) or use the USB connection (2).

Connect to Plixus conference ports

To daisy-chain the nameplate in a branch connected directly to the engine or a network extender plug in the CAT 5e cable into the conference port.

Portable usage

Guide the cables through the openings on the side of the nameplate base when you want to easily chnage the location of the nameplate. To see how to attach the side panels see "Mount the Nameplate" on page 1.

Figure 1-48 Bottom view of CAT 5e cabling of nameplate for portable usage

Figure 1-49 Top view of cabling of nameplate for portable usage

Figure 1-50 Side view of cabling of nameplate in portable usage

Fixed usage

When integrating the nameplate into a table, you can guide the cables through the opening in the mounting bracket and bottom plate into the table. Next attach the side panels for oprtable usage as shown in "Mount the Nameplate" on page 1.

Figure 1-51 Bottom view of cabling of nameplate for fixed usage

Figure 1-52 Side view of nameplate cabling for fixed usage

Connect to USB

It is also possible to connect the nameplate directly to a delegate unit using the USB connection. Use this option when you cannot mix the delegate unit and the nameplate because they require a different network speed (e.g. uniCOS and uniBOX units) or you want to use the nameplate independently of your conference system.

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