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Statistics view

In this view the operator has a complete view of all the data that is stored in the database. The goal is to provide a clear view of the collected data. Additionally, when the Import/Export license module is activate, the user has the option to export some or all of these statistics to several formats.

The are 4 statistics categories, which you can select by clicking Switch Statistics in the Statistics ribbon.

  • Meeting statistics: shows general information about the meeting. This contains: Meeting start time, pause & resume timestamp, end time and meeting duration.

    Figure 1-43 Meeting statistics

  • Agenda statistics:shows all information regarding the agenda and its voting items. This contains:
    • Sequence: the agenda item sequence number
    • Agenda topic: the name of the agenda topic
    • Type: the type of agenda item (e.g.: discussion, voting, lecturer)
    • Template: the template voting item used (only for voting items)
    • Start time: Timestamp of the start of agenda topic activation
    • End time: Timestamp of the end of the agenda topic activation
    • Duration: The duration of the activated agenda item
    • Mic activation No.: The number of activated microphones during that agenda topic
    • Mic request No.: The number of microphone requests during that agenda topic
    • Voting result: The results of the voting session
    • Outcome: the outcome of the voting, for example budget approved
    • Individual result: This shows the results for each vote choice separately. This however is a clickable item which means that you can click on the individual results to see more details.

      Figure 1-44 Agenda statistics

  • Delegate statistics
    • Name: last name of the delegate
    • First name: first name of the delegate
    • Groups: when a delegate is member of multiple groups these will be separated with comma’s
    • Voting right: a checkbox indicates the voting right of the delegate
    • Speech time available: this shows a real-time indication of the available speech time for that delegate
    • Speech time used: this shows a real-time indication of the used speech time for that delegate
    • Mic activation no.: this shows the number of microphone activations a delegate had
    • Last activation: here the timestamp of the last microphone activation is shown
    • Mic request no.: this shows the number of microphone requests the delegate did
    • Last request: here the timestamp of the last microphone request is shown
    • Login no.: this shows the number of logins a delegate did. This comprises multiple login systems.
    • Last login: here the timestamp of the last login time is shown
    • Authority delegate: delegate who has voting authority for this participant
    • Authority expired: delegate this participant had to vote for

      Figure 1-45 Delegate statistics

  • Group statistics
    • Group color
    • Group name
    • Member list: this shows the number of members in that group. This is a button, when clicking on it you see the names of the delegates in that specific group.
    • Speech time available: this shows a real-time indication of the available speech time for that group
    • Speech time used: this shows a real-time indication of the used speech time for that group

      Figure 1-46 Group statistics

Configure statistics overview

You have the following options to change the statistics presentation:

  • Click Configure statistics overview to select the data you want to see in that specific statistics overview. You can also choose the column you want to sort on and the sorting order.
  • You can change the width of the columns.
  • You can also sort the data according to every column by clicking on the name of the column. Clicking again changes the sorting order.
  • Change the order of the columns by dragging and dropping them to the desired location.
  • Search function: similar to the search function in the rest of the CoCon software, this is an automatic search that allows you to search for whatever term is stated in the list underneath.

Export Statistics

The Export button in the Statistics ribbon is only available when the Import/Export license module is activated. It allows you to choose a subset of the available meeting data and export it to Word, XML and generate a custom print report.

When you click Export statistics a wizard starts up, here you can select which data from the Meeting, Delegate, Agenda or Group statistics you want to export. You can also choose how you want to sort the columns. In the Agenda statistics you can select to include the individual voting results of that agenda topic. When you activate this checkbox another tab appears in the popup, called “Individual results�?. There you can further specify the fields to include in the export.

The last tab in the popup is called Export, here you can select and configure your export format. Also specify the path where you want to save the files to. The file name uses the date and time of the export e.g.: 2014-5-27_10-27-48Statistic.docx. Under Print you can specify the printer you want to use to do the printing.

Print badge log

This generates a print preview of all badge log in/out events during that meeting.

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