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Known issues

The following is a list of known issues with the current version of the software:
  • API: To be able to communicate with the Room Server using the API, you need to run the Room Server in administrator mode.
  • Meeting Manager: Occasionally, the Meeting Manager may stop working when saving a meeting as a template. This does however not affect the saving of the meeting data to the database. A restart of the program suffices to continue working with the required data.
  • All applications: Some version of Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essential can cause a significant delay in the communication between the Central Unit and the CoCon Room Server on the one hand, and between the CoCon Room Server and the CoCon clients on the other hand. This can be seen by the fact that the “MsMpEng.exe�? process takes a lot of CPU in the Windows Task Manager section Processes while the CoCon applications are running. The solution for this is adding exceptions for the CoCon Room Server and CoCon clients on the management consoles of these Microsoft programs, as shown in the screenshot below for the Microsoft Security Essentials:

  • All applications: The Windows multi-user support at this point is limited and depends on the Windows-platform on which the applications are installed. For the CoCon client applications, the following is applicable: after the installation has been done, multiple Windows users on the same machine will be able to access the CoCon client applications, each with their own settings. For the CoCon Server application, the following is applicable:
    • Windows 7 and Vista: The CoCon Room Server application should be run as a regular user (without Administrator rights). However, the first time the CoCon Room Server is started, the installation of SQL Server might ask for Administrator rights to install this.
    • Windows XP: Due to the SQL Server rights policy, the CoCon Room Server should always be run by a user with Administrator rights. This can be circumvented by using an external SQL Server installation; in this case the CoCon Room Server can be run by a regular user.
  • Server application: During installation of the SQL Server Express (the database that CoCon uses to store its data), a check is done whether the Computer Name is the same as the User Name. This is a situation which is considered bad practice in IT terms, and does not allow the successful completion of the SQL Server installation procedure. In order to remedy this, stop the CoCon Room Server (using Task Manager), change either the Computer Name or the User Name and restart the CoCon Room Server.
  • Server application: During installation of the SQL Server Express (the database that CoCon uses to store its data), Windows Installer 4.5 is needed. This is a software component that might not be present on older Windows versions. Therefore, the necessary files have been included in the CoCon installation at C:\Program Files (x86)\Televic Conference\CoCon\Server\WindowsInstaller4_5 (or similar for your installation).
  • Server application: If the serial communication to the Confidea CU-plugin is specified as connecting to a COM-port which is used for Bluetooth Serial Communication, then the CoCon Server is not able to start. This is due to a problem in the .Net framework. The solution is to change the setting TCS2500COMPort in the Server Config file. This setting contains the COM-port to be used to connect to the Confidea CU, eg. “COM5�? . The setting file is located in the configuration directory, which can be found at the following locations:
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Local Settings\Application Data\Televic Conference\CoCon\
    • Windows Vista; C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Televic Conference\CoCon\
    • Windows 7: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Televic Conference\CoCon\
  • Server application: If a USB-to-serial convertor is used, the CoCon server might stop functioning if the USB-convertor is unexpectedly removed. This is due to a problem in the .Net framework.
  • Operator Application: very infrequently the Operator Application will generate a “Runtime Error�? when exiting. No fix found as yet.
  • Audio settings: The audio settings (limiter gain, auto gain reduction, general volume) have to be set on CoCon and not on the used central equipment to allow correct functioning.
  • Hung voting setting: if the resolution of the hung vote is chosen as “Determined by chairmen in a new chairmen-only voting session�?, then the results of the original (hung) voting round are not saved to the database, and also not available for printing.
  • Meeting Manager: meeting templates created with an earlier version might not be aligned with the latest version of the database. It is safest to make new meeting templates based on the same settings.
  • Meeting Manager: Infrequently, this application may lose connection with the Server when a meeting is being controlled in the Operator Application.
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