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Full screen and preview video output

In the Video Preview settings select as capture device Blackmagic WDM Capture or AV.io SDI Video, depending on what you used. The full screen video output can be shown on a second screen of the PC or on a screen connected to the ATEM switch. (see table below for various possibilities).

Name overlay is an extra module available for T-Cam (license depending). It allows to display the mixed video and overlays with the speaker names. To turn it on, go into the top menu > Settings > General… > Name Overlay.

If Epiphan AV.io HD is used , a USB 3.0 connection is needed to obtain a fluent image!

For the Video capture device , click on Properties to select the correct resolution in case the card does not do auto detection. (1080i 59.95 8bit) ; enable “Override Video Mode�?

Select the Output monitor that will display the video.

  • In case name overlay is activated on the PC screen , you can change the colour, font and height of the speaker names.
  • In case name overlay is activated on the ATEM output , then the overlay properties are fixed

Press OK to apply the settings.

Press a microphone with a name attached to it (the name should appear in current caption in the Video Preview). The name should also appear as an overlay on top of the video in full screen on the monitor selected.


PC screen 1

PC screen 2

ATEM output

Name Overlay Off Preview Full view Full view
Name Overlay on PC Preview Full view + adjustable Name Overlay Full view
Name Overlay on ATEM Preview with fixed Name Overlay No image Full view with fixed Name Overlay

In case of “Name Overlay on ATEM�? is used , the PROG SDI (PGM) OUT of ATEM switcher can be fed to the external screen and to the capture card b.m.o. a SDI to HDMI convertor with SDI Loop Out connection

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