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About T-CAM

Concept and design

The T-Cam Camera Tracking package is a complete and out-of-the-box solution for camera tracking allowing straight-forward installation, fast configuration and integration with any Televic Conference system. The T-Cam solution controls up to 4 HD-SDI cameras.

The T-Cam solution consists out of three parts:

  • T-Cam Package (71.98.1303): This is the basic camera tracking package. This box contains all the equipment and specific cables required to install a camera tracking system with 2 cameras.
  • IP-CAM50 Camera & License (71.98.1304): this adds an additional camera. For the T-Cam solution a maximum of 4 cameras can be controlled, meaning that the basic package can be extended with 2 add-ons.
  • T-Cam Name Overlay (71.98.1302): This article adds a name overlay onto the video output.
The names for the video overlay come from the T-CAM Camera protocol.

To mount the capture card , a PC with PCI slot is required.

Features and functionality

The T-CAM solution offers the following features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with D-Cerno, Plixus (Embedded Room Server), CoCon, and Confidea G3
  • Creation of a synoptic for easy configuration of camera positions
  • 2 shots per seat
  • 2 shots for the wideshot
  • Live adjustments possible with clean transitions
  • Multiple seat configurations available for flexible seating arrangements
  • Configuration of camera positions can be done with the software or with a USB-joystick (not included in any of the packages)
  • Manual switch to HDMI input for static input (e.g., presentation laptop)
  • Software upgradable to webcasting software
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