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This chapter describes problems you may encounter while using IP-CAM 50. If you have questions, please refer to related chapters and follow all the suggested solutions. If the problem still occurred, please contact your distributor or the service center.





Boot without power signal

  1. Make sure you have plugged in the power cord.
  2. Make sure the Service DIP switch is Off.
  3. Make sure that the terminal point is a hub that supports IEEE 802.3at when connecting via PoE.


There is no image output from IP-CAM 50

  1. Check the power.
  2. Check if DIP switch is properly set. Please refer to "DIP switch setting" on page 1.
  3. Make sure the display supports the output resolution; in general, the resolution is 1080p60/1080i60/720p60.
  4. Replace the cables and make sure they are not faulty.


IP-CAM 50 image is severely delayed

Please use 1080p or 720p 60/50 Hz signals rather than 25/30 Hz signals.


Not working after changes to DIP Switch setting

After completing DIP Switch setting, unplug and reconnect the power cord and turn on the machine to change the setting.


IP-CAM 50 cannot be operated by remote control

  1. Please confirm if the Camera Select on the remote control can be used together with the IR Select on IP-CAM 50.
  2. Please prevent IP-CAM 50 from direct sunshine.
  3. Make sure the energy-saving bulb and the IR touch screen are as far as possible in order to avoid interference.
  4. When several IP-CAM 50 are connected in the same area, the operation of two remote controls at the same time may result in signal interference. It is recommended to use one remote control only.


The device cannot be controlled with Codec

1. Please consult the distributor to make sure the firmware version is the latest one. The steps to check version is as follows:

    1.1 Press [MENU] on the remote control

    1.2 Choose [Status]

    1.3 Go to Page 5 of [System]

    1.4 Make sure the firmware version is correct.

2. Make sure the connection is correct (RS-232/422 Input).

3. Make sure System Switch DIP 1 and DIP 3 are correct.


The device cannot be controlled with RS-232/RS422

  1. Make sure the connection is correct (RS-232/422 Input).
  2. Make sure System Switch DIP 1 and DIP 3 are correct.


Whether the Internet can be used for operation

Please refer to "Network Function Settings Description" on page 1 for the Internet usage



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