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Installation guidelines

For the installation of the software you need administrator rights.

To install CoCon run the CoConInstaller-RELEASE-<VersionNumber>.exe file. An installation wizard will guide you trough the installation and configuration process.

We recommend to use technically trained personnel to complete the installation process.
When upgrading the CoCon software it is mandatory to uninstall the previous version.
When you upgrade from a non-Core CoCon version, the meeting information, delegates, groups, voting results etc. remains available because the database is not uninstalled. However, all synoptics, audio and interpreter configurations need to be migrated as these applications are running through the Room Service. A migration script is available to move these items.


For a successful installation of CoCon, a number of other programs are required. These are:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. This framework is included in the installer package and will be installed automatically if needed.
  • Windows Installer 4.5. During installation of the SQL Server Express (the database that CoCon uses to store its data), Windows Installer 4.5 is needed. This is a software component that might not be present on older Windows versions. Therefore, the necessary files are installed with the CoCon suite, and are included in the CoCon installation at C:\Program Files (x86)\Televic Conference\CoCon\Server\WindowsInstaller4_5 (or similar for your installation). You can manually install this when the SQL Server Express setup specifies that these are necessary.

CoCon installer

First uninstall the software completely. When a previous version of the Room Service was already installed, make sure the CoCon Room Server and Room Service is stopped, see "Room Server Window" on page 1 and "The Room Service" on page 1 how to stop the Room Server and Service.

When you uninstall CoCon you do not lose settings nor data, because the uninstallation process does not remove the database.

The installer of CoCon consists of various steps; the most important ones are:

  • License Agreement.
  • Choose components to install: here you can select which components of the CoCon software suite to install. For more information on the application, hover over the application name. The installer automatically installs the Room Service with the Room Server. Here you can also select which client applications to install.
    The function of the applications plays a role in selecting which components to install. For example, it is not required to install the Room Configurator on a machine which you will only use for signage. Only installing the Signage Application is enough.
  • Choose install location.
  • Applications are installed.
  • In the final step you can view the release note. Here some remarks are located regarding the current installation version.
  • Open the CoCon applications using the links on the desktop or via the Start menu.
During the installation, Windows firewall asks your permission to let this program communicate. Make sure that you allow all connections for the CoCon applications.
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