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Nameplate configuration in CoCon and Plixus Core

Nameplate manager, CoCon and Plixus Core

Plixus Core contains all the logic that runs on the central unit. This includes among others initialization, discussion options and updates. With Plixus Core you are able to configure different conference settings without the need of a dedicated computer. You configure these settings directly on the central engine by accessing the IP address of the engine.

CoCon is the software suite that allows you to configure additional (and the same) settings on top of the Plixus Core parameters such as voting. CoCon requires a dedicated computer.

The Nameplate Manager is one of the CoCon applications and therefore uses the same CoCon database. This means that when you configure or add certain things using the Nameplate Manager, these will be available in CoCon and its applications. One example is the delegates: adding these in the Nameplate Manager will make these available in CoCon.

When it comes to meetings, all logic is present in CoCon. With CoCon you can configure and manage meetings. The Nameplate Manager is only developed to configure the nameplates and send the content to the physical devices present in the room.

Before you can start to use the nameplates, you need to initialize them. After initialization you can couple a nameplate to a delegate unit on a seat or use it in standalone mode. To assign the nameplate to the same seat as another delegate unit, you need the Plixus web server.


Figure 1-80 The interaction between Plixus Core, CoCon Core and the nameplate application as described in the text above.

Initialize nameplates

Initialize units using Plixus Core

You need the Plixus Core web server to initialize units using the Open Access or Manual initialization (see Plixus User Guide for a detailed description on how to initialize units). In this way you can set up the nameplates and display the content without having to use CoCon Core.

When you initialize units using the Plixus Core web server and want to use CoCon Core for other functionalities, you need to sync the initialization. Open and close the manual initialization in the CoCon Core Room Configurator.

Link Nameplates to units

You can link a nameplate to a unit by assigning it to same seat as another unit. This seat will then have two devices. You configure this as follows on the Plixus web server:

  1. Go to Initialization.
  2. Under Manual initialization, click Edit configuration.
  3. Click the seat number icon and change the seat number of the Nameplate to same as the unit you want to link the nameplate with. Click the checkmark to confirm.
  4. Click Stop editing to leave the edit mode. Unit and nameplate are now on the same seat. In a next step you can assign these to a seat in the synoptics window.

Define default Nameplate

In CoCon Core you can configure which image is displayed when a meeting is finished or paused. See the meeting and nameplate state diagram in "Manage meetings" on page 1 to see when this state occurs.

To add the image do the following

  1. Open the CoCon Room Configurator.
  2. Go to the Defaults tab.
  3. Click Set Default Nameplate and select the image.
The image needs to be in black and white (1 bit/pixel), needs to be a.bmp file and should have the following dimensions: 1440 × 300 px.
  1. To remove the image click Remove Default Nameplate.

Figure 1-81 How to configure the default nameplate image in CoCon Core Room Configurator

Add meeting with a Nameplate

Using CoCon Meeting Manager you can create meetings that use the Nameplate. These meetings will use the default nameplate layout, as defined in the Nameplate Manager, for all delegates. To activate this option select the nameplate option on the bottom of the New meeting page.

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