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Configure Nameplate layout

With the Nameplate Manager application you can easily configure the content you want to display on the front and/or backside of your Nameplates.

General layout

The Nameplate Manager has an intuitive look & feel, which makes it easy and straightforward to configure and manage the content of your nameplates. Below you can find a general description of the design of the page where you can configure the layout of the nameplate.

Figure 1-82 Nameplate layout editor page

  1. Shows the editor you are currently using, in this case the Layout editor.
  2. Click to add a new layout.
  3. Select a layout, per layout multiple options are available such as making it the default or removing it. The tag icon shows which layout is the default one.
  4. Configure the front or the back of the nameplate.
  5. All available predefined designs, you can select one of these and then adjust it in the layout editor.
  6. Text editor becomes available when you select one of the text fields.
  7. The layout editor allows you to adjust the selected design. It is possible to change the content in the frame as well as the width and height.
  8. Default content to display on the nameplate. A free text field is available where you can add any text you want.
  9. There is an option to sync the front with the back of the nameplate. When you select this option the same text will be displayed on the front and back. In this case the option Nameplate back in number 4 will be greyed out.
  10. Click to save your layout.

Add nameplate layout

With the Nameplate Manager you can easily have one or more layouts available to use during your meetings. You can have one default layout which will be used each time you create a new meeting. Follow the steps described below to add and configure a new nameplate layout.

  1. Click New layout.
  2. Define the name of the layout in the popup and click Confirm.

  1. Select the nameplate side (only possible when the front and back are not synced).
  2. Select one of the available predefined designed on top of the page.
  3. Click and select one of the frames of the layout to select the content.
  4. To select the content for the frame, click one of the fields below the layout.

  1. Resize content frames by placing the cursor over the bounding box of the field until you get a resize cursor. Drag and drop until you reach the desired size.

  1. To change the font, size and alignment of the content use the text formatting options above the layout editor.

  1. To add an image to a frame, click the frame and select Image below the layout editor. Drag and drop the image to frame or click Upload and select the image.

  1. When you are ready click Save.
  2. Select Sync Front with Back if you want to display the same image on the backside of the Nameplate. Otherwise configure the back in the same way as described here.
Keep in mind that when using color images that the nameplate does not display colors. The software will apply automatic dithering to all color images. This may result in loss of image quality. Use the Preview mode to see how the color image will be displayed on the nameplate.
If you select Free text for a frame you can type whatever content you want or you can put specific strings between curly brackets to make combinations of different parameters or to add additional spaces or characters. You can use the following parameters:

> title

> firstName

> lastName

> country

> group

It is important to note that these parameters are case sensitive.

Example: {title} {lastName} -- {firstName}

Manage Nameplate layouts

Click the more options icon (), the following options are available:

  • Make default: when you make a layout default, the application will use this layout every time you create a new meeting.
  • Delete: select to remove the selected layout. It is not possible to delete a default layout.


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