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Understand meetings

Using the Nameplate Manager you can create meetings outside of CoCon Meeting Manager. However all these meetings are synced with the CoCon database and are available in the CoCon Meeting Manager.

The purpose of the meeting editor in the Nameplate Manager is to allow you to easily configure the nameplates for your meeting, linking these to delegates and displaying the content on the nameplates present in the room.

With this manager you cannot manage the progress of your meeting, for this you will need the CoCon Core Operator Application.

Meeting landing page

On the meeting landing page you can see an overview of all created meetings together with their status and the number of delegates.

Figure 1-83 The meeting landing page

The following information is visible on the meeting landing page:




1 Active meetings Indicates the meetings where the content of the nameplates is published and displayed on the nameplates available in the room.
2 Meetings All created meetings, these are not yet or no longer active. To publish the content of the nameplates before the meeting starts, click Prepare.
3 Recently finished meeting Contains all finished meetings. When you click Reschedule, the meeting will become available under Meetings which will allow you to publish the content of the nameplate again if you click Prepare.
4 New meeting Click to add a new meeting.

Meeting and Nameplate interaction

The Nameplate Manager and CoCon Core use the same resources and both applications are synced at all times. The state diagram below shows which meeting states are possible, where you can change the state and when the nameplate content can or is published.

Figure 1-84 Interaction between meeting states and nameplates. Blue indicates actions or states that are only possible with the Nameplate (Manager), actions in green are only possible in the CoCon Operator Application and orange is possible in the CoCon Operator Application and Nameplate Manager.

You can create meetings in the Nameplate Manager and CoCon Meeting Manager / Operator Application. However, it is only possible to start, pause and resume meetings using the CoCon Operator Application. Finishing and rescheduling of meetings is also possible in the Nameplate Manager.

When you create a new meeting using the Nameplate Manager, you will have to specify the layout you want to use. When you create a meeting with CoCon Core and select to use nameplates, the default layout will be used.

When you prepare a meeting the content of the nameplates is published to the devices in the room. You can still publish changes to the nameplates when the meeting has the prepared status. In this case you can update an individual nameplate or all nameplates.

When a meeting is finished a default image is shown on the nameplates. You can define this image in the CoCon Room Configurator ("Define default Nameplate" on page 1).

To be certain that the nameplates display the correct content, publish all nameplates before resuming a meeting.

Nameplates and RFID cards

When your units have RFID card readers and your meeting works with free seating, then there is an extra event in the state diagram. This event states that if you insert your card when the meeting has the status prepared or started, the nameplate on that seat will be updated with the details of that delegate.

Figure 1-85 Interaction between meeting states and nameplates when units have RFID card readers

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