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Configure meetings

Create meeting

Click + New meeting to add a new meeting. For every new meeting you have to specify the following parameters:



Title Insert the name of your meeting
Layout Select the layout of the nameplate, the default layout is always selected.
Upload delegates Add delegates to your meeting. Drag and drop the Excel file or click Upload. You can also add delegates after you create the meeting.
Automatically assign delegates to seats

Select this option to automatically assign the delegates to a seat. Seats are assigned following the order of the delegates in the input file.

This option is only available when you upload a delegate list during the creation of a new meeting.

Figure 1-86 Popup to add a new meeting in the Nameplate application

Meeting editor general layout

Below you can find a general description of the different elements available on the meeting editor page.

Figure 1-87 General layout of the meeting editor

  1. Add delegates using an Excel file or add them manually
  2. Delegates assigned to a seat
  3. Delegates not assigned to a seat
  4. View the front or back of the Nameplate
  5. View the synoptic of the meeting room
  6. The preview shows how the content looks like on the Nameplate
  7. Editor view: is the same as in the layout editor
  8. Shows which layout is used, you can select another one
  9. More options for delegates: allows you to assign, switch or remove a seat, or to delete the delegate
  10. The green circle indicates that this delegate has a custom Nameplate layout
  11. Shows the status and name of the meeting. Click the return icon to go back to the meeting overview.
  12. Click to prepare the meeting and publish all nameplates or publish all nameplates when meeting is already prepared.

Add synoptic to meeting

To see the position of the seats and the Nameplates in your room, you can add an image of your synoptic. You could use an image of the synoptics you created in CoCon Room Configurator.

  1. Click Upload and select the image or drag and drop your image in the synoptic window.
  2. Click the remove icon to delete the current synoptic.

Add delegates to meeting

If you did not add delegates to your meeting upon creation or want to add additional delegates, you can do this is on the meeting editor page of the Nameplate Manager. There are two ways to add delegates: using a file or adding them manually one by one.

Beware of importing delegates using an Excel file. When the combination of first and last name already exists in the database, then the software will use the delegate that is already available in the database.

However, it is possible to have delegates with the same name in the database if you add delegates manually (see "Add delegates manually" on page 1).

Import delegates using a file

It is possible to import multiple delegates at once. Upload an Excel file containing all delegate information.

You can download the format of this file in the upload window.

Click and drag and drop the file or click Upload and select your file. Click Confirm.

Figure 1-88 Popup window to import delegates using an Excel file

Add delegates manually

To add single delegates manually click . Complete the delegate details and click Confirm.

Figure 1-89 Popup window to manually add delegates

Manage delegates and their nameplate

To be able to display the correct content on the proper nameplate, you need to link a delegate to a specific seat. On a seat you can find a delegate unit, a nameplate or both. In the last case you need CoCon Meeting Manager to update the delegate database. For more information on how to configure this see "Link Nameplates to units" on page 1. To link a delegate unit with a nameplate you can also use the USB connection, for more information see "Use nameplate with USB connection" on page 1.

Per delegate it is possible to change the layout of the Nameplate and create custom layouts if needed. For a detailed description on how to configure the layout of the Nameplate see "Configure Nameplate layout" on page 1.

Manage delegates and seats

Assign seats: All delegates without seats are displayed in the list Delegates with no seat, these are shown in gray and are preceded by #. To assign a seat to a delegate click the more options icon and select Assign seat. Select one of the available seats from the drop-down menu and click Assign.

Switch seats: Sometimes delegates switch seats in the meeting room. To support this and adjust the nameplate accordingly, you can switch seats in the application. Click the more options icon and select Switch seat. Select the seat you want to switch with and click Switch. Click Publish all to publish these changes to the nameplate.

Remove seats: To remove the seat from a delegate click the more options icon and select Remove seat.

Remove delegates: To remove the delegate click and select Delete. This removes the delegate from the meeting, but not from the database.

Make custom Nameplates for delegates

In some cases it makes sense to deviate from the predefined layout, for example when the name of the delegate is very long and cannot fit onto the display using the configured font size. In this case you could change the font size of only that delegate's nameplate.

You can change the layout in the editor on the meeting editor page the same way as described in "Configure Nameplate layout" on page 1. Custom layouts are indicated by a green circle.

Figure 1-90 How to make custom layouts

Depending on the status of your meeting, there are two options to save your layout:

  1. Save: this option is available when the meeting is not yet prepared. This means the content of the nameplates is not published yet to the devices.
  2. Save and publish: this option is available when the content is published and displayed on the nameplates. In this case the change is saved and immediately published on the nameplate.

Click Reset to meeting layout to undo all customizations.

When the content of the Nameplate is too large for the Nameplate display you will get an error indicated by the orange error icon .


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