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Configure video outputs

On the right side of the video routing matrix you can find all video output groups. The video output groups display the video source from the routed video input group. For more information on how to configure the actual routing of the video inputs see "Configure video routing" on page 1.

Add Output groups

In the video routing matrix, you can find all available output groups on the right. To add a new output group click Add on the bottom of the Output group list. A popup appears where you need to define the following parameters:

  • Name: define a unique name for the output group
  • All video outputs: a list with all available outputs, shows the device type and seat number
  • Video outputs for group: all outputs added to the group

Use the controls between All video outputs and Video outputs for group to add and remove outputs from the group. Click Save to add the output group.

Figure 1-78 How to create output groups in the Video application

Edit Output groups

To edit an output group click the more icon next to the group and select Edit. You can change all output settings, and add or remove output sources from the group.

Delete output groups

To delete an output group click the more icon next to the group and select Delete

Video selection

If your setup has Video-Selection (V-SEL) panels, you can add all V-OUT boxes linked to these panels into one group. The default configuration contains such a group, it contains all V-OUT boxes and Lingua ID MM devices. If you duplicate this configuration, you can remove all devices from the all selectors group that do not have a V-SEL. This group doesn't need a video input routed to it. With the V-SEL they can display any video stream that is available for delegates using the buttons on the V-SEL panel.

You can also force a specifc stream onto these V-OUT boxes, by adding these to a group and routing one of the streams that is not avialable for delegates to this group.

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