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Configure the signage screen

Add signage screens

To add a signage screen:

  1. Open the signage application (http://localhost:9000/signage)
  2. Click + New screen under Screens to a add a new screen.

  3. Give a name to your screen and select the orientation

  4. Click Confirm.

    The new screen is now available in the Screen section on the bottom of the signage home page.

Open signage screen

To open a signage screen on your display:

  1. Open the signage screen application (http://localhost:9000/signagescreen)
  2. Select a signage screen
  3. Select a signage template.

When you select the template, the signage application will automatically start to display the screen event that is applicable at that time. This state depends on the status of your meeting in the CoCon Core Operator application. For example if the meeting is not yet running, then the signage screen will display the No meeting screen event (see "Introduction" on page 1).

Figure 1-64 The signage screen application: where you go to start displaying the signage

For more information on how to create and control meetings see the CoCon Core user manual.

Signage screen options

There are different actions available on a signage screen. To see these actions click the more icon next to the screen.

Figure 1-65 Different actions available on configured signage screens



Edit Select this option to change the name of the signage screen.
Delete Select this option to remove the screen. This option is not possible when the screen is active.
Close screen Select this option to close the screen, when it is active.
Open screen Select this option to activate and display the screen. This option only works if the signage screen browser is already open.

Preview signage screen

Before starting a meeting, you can preview the signage screen on your display. In the preview mode you can switch between the different screen events of the selected signage template, to see how it looks on your display.

Click the eye icon on the signage template to preview the signage template.

In the preview mode you can switch between the different screen events. Click the screen event in the bar on the bottom of the page, to preview that screen event.

Figure 1-66 The preview view of the signage screen

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