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Configure signage templates

Understand signage templates

Signage uses templates to position content on a screen. Typically, the content on the screen must change during a meeting. For example, during a break you want to see when the meeting resumes or after voting, participants need to see the result. Signage uses screen events to handle these transitions. Every signage template is a collection of one or more screen events (1).

The actual configuration of the layout happens in the screen event. Per screen event, you can select a grid (2) where you can position all content. On the grid, you can select one element (3), and choose (4) and configure (5) the content. In this chapter, you can find a detailed description of how to configure all these aspects.

Figure 1-55 How to configure signage templates and screen events in the signage application

Add a signage template

There are different ways to add templates to the signage application:

  • Create a new empty template from scratch
  • Duplicate an existing template
  • Import a template

Create an empty signage template

To add a new signage template, follow the procedure described below:

  1. Open the signage application (http://localhost:9000/signage)
  2. Click New template.
  3. Select the orientation of your screen. It is not possible to change this setting after creation of the template.
  4. Assign the template to a screen. This setting is optional, and you can change this later in the screen settings.
  5. Click Confirm. The signage home page will now contain the newly created template. Every new template will contain one screen event, meeting running. It is not possible to remove this event.

Figure 1-56 How to create a new signage template

Add screen event to signage template

After the creation of a template, you can add one or more screen events. Every newly created template already contains the meeting running screen event which you cannot remove. To add a new screen event:

  1. Open a signage template.
  2. Click the add button .

  1. Select one of the screen events from the list.

    If you want to copy the layout of another screen event, select this event in the dropdown Duplicate from the previous configured screen event.

Figure 1-57 How to add screen events to a signage template

Configure screen events

Once you have added a screen event to a signage template, you can start with the configuration of the layout and the content. Depending on the screen event, different content is available, see "Understand screen events" on page 1 for more information. The configuration of screen events consists of 4 significant steps:

  1. Select the grid template to use for the layout.

    There is an extensive collection of preconfigured grids available. Select the one that corresponds best to the needs of your meeting. Once selected, you can change the dimensions of each component separately, just drag and drop the different grid lines.

  1. Configure the background of the complete screen event.

    In the menu on the right, navigate to the Background section on the bottom of the menu. Select the color of the background using the color picker or define the RGB values. To remove the color, select the color white from the color picker or click Transparent. Note that when you click Transparent, the signage will have a black background during display.

    There is also an option to upload an image, drag and drop your image or click the Upload button. To remove the image click Remove.

    With the option Show grid lines, you can choose to hide or show the grid lines on your signage templates. This is helpful when using background colors or background images and you do not want the lines of the grid to be visible.

  1. Click one of the components of the grid, and select the content to show on the grid from the menu on the right.

    Three types of content are available: General content, Meeting data content and Voting content.

  1. Configure the content.

    Typically you can set the font and color, the alignment of the text, and the background color. Some content blocks may have additional settings, see "Understand screen events" on page 1

  2. Click Save.

Edit signage templates

You can edit a signage template and its screen events at any time, except when the template is in use. To edit click the signage template box on the main screen or click the More icon and select Edit. Edit the screen events and select Save to confirm your changes.

You can also change the name of the signage template. Click the More icon and select Rename. Type the new name and click Confirm to save.

Figure 1-58 Rename a signage template

Duplicate signage template

When you want to create a signage template that differs only slightly from an existing one, you can duplicate the existing template and edit it. To duplicate a signage template click the More icon on the signage template and select Duplicate.

By default, the duplicated signage template has the same name as the original template followed by "_Copy". Click the More icon and select Rename to change the name of the template into a more suitable name.

Figure 1-59 Available options for a signage template

Import signage template

Sometimes it can be interesting to import signage templates created on another computer, onto the system you are currently using. To import a template click the Import template button in the upper right corner of the signage home screen. Click Upload in the upload box and select the file on your computer or drag and drop the file of your choice into the box.

Figure 1-60 Import signage template screen

The import file needs to have a .json format.

Export signage template

You can export signage templates to use them on another system, thereby making it unnecessary for you to configure the template every time from scratch. To export a template click the More icon and select Export. The download of the template starts automatically and becomes available in your default download folder of the web browser you are using.

Remove signage template

When a signage template is no longer necessary, you can remove it. Click the more icon and select Delete. Click Remove to confirm.

It is not possible to remove templates that are in use.
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