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A quick guide to signage



Create a meeting with an agenda and participants using CoCon Core Meeting Manager. For more information see the CoCon Core user guide: https://televic.sharefile.com/CoConCoreManual.



Go to localhost:9000/signage (or replace localhost by the IP address of the computer where CoCon Core is running) to start the signage application



Add a signage template: you can import, copy or create a new one. For more information see "Configure signage templates" on page 1.



In the signage template add one or more screen events. Screen events determine what content to show during a specific moment of a meeting. For more information see "Understand screen events" on page 1.

Per screen event select the layout of the grid from a predefined list. You can change the size of each element of the grid by dragging and dropping the frame.



For every element of the grid, you can select the content from the menu on the right. Per content element, you can configure settings such as font and background, and sometimes other additional settings.



After configuration of the content, add a screen with a specific orientation to display the content on.

Display signage


To display the content on your screen go to localhost:9000/signagescreen (or replace localhost by the IP address of the computer where CoCon Core is running).



Select the screen and the signage template. Click the eye icon on the signage template to preview the signage.



Start the meeting in CoCon Operator. The screen content will automatically change during the course of the meeting, for example when you start a voting or pause the meeting.

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