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Default Settings

On this page you can configure the default values of the Plixus system. You can set the following default values:

  • Conference settings:
    • Here you can set the same discussion options as on the discussion page of Plixus the web server, such as the microphone mode, the maximum number of speakers and the microphone activation type. The system will always boot with these values. Even when they are changed during the meeting.
    • Low Headphones: when checked, this will lower the headphone volume when the microphone is active to prevent disturbing the audio transmitted by the headphones.
    • Enable Reply and Button Reply: allows you to configure whether it is possible to get priority when you reply to the speaker. This puts you in a different request list that has higher priority than the default request list (because you a replying to something that was said and cannot wait until it is your turn in the default request list). Using the parameter Button Reply you can configure which button to use to reply (Reply is only applicable to uniCOS units).
    • LedColorOn, LedColorRequest, LedColorReply: use these parameters to change the color of the microphone LED for the states microphone ON, microphone in request, microphone in reply request.
  • Default loudspeaker volume: set the default volume of the unit's loudspeaker
  • Default channel selector volume: set the default volume of the channel selector
  • Maximum number of language channels: this is an important setting as it allows you to change the number of language channels that are reserved in the audio routing. By default this is limited to 11. This means that in the web server you cannot configure more than 11 language channels. The maximum number of reserved channels is 64.
  • Auto gain reduction: this function reduces the amount of gain of the floor signal in function of the amount of open microphones. As the number of open microphones causes the noise floor to go up, a gain reduction is often required for increased intelligibility. There are 4 presets available with different gain curves:

    Figure 1-12 Auto gain reduction curve

  • Floor name: this is the abbreviation that is shown on the displays of the channel selectors. This is applied immediately after saving.
  • uniCOS interface language: set the default language of the uniCOS interface
  • Set default Nameplate: configure which image is displayed when a meeting is finished or paused. The image needs to be in black and white (1 bit/pixel), needs to be a .bmp file and should have the following dimensions: 1440 × 300 px.
  • Background color of start screen for uniCOS/uniBOX: set the background color of the start screen of the interactive multimedia units using the RGB color code.
  • Text color of start screen for uniCOS/unibox: set the color of the text on the start screen using the RGB color code.
  • Show time on start screen for uniCOS/uniBOX: shows the time on the start screen.
  • Show date on start screen for uniCOS/uniBOX: shows the date on the start screen
  • Horizontal alignment of logo: where to locate the logo horizontally.
  • Vertical alignment of logo: where to locate the logo vertically.
  • Set custom logo for start screen: upload the logo to use on the start screen.
  • Remove custom logo from start screen: remove the uploaded logo.
CoCon does not rescale the logo for the start screen. This means that the logo always has the same size independent of the screen size. We therefore recommend to upload the image in the correct size for your screen size.
Creation date: 01/10/2019 11:01 (b.maertens@televic.com)      Updated: 11/10/2019 10:44 (b.maertens@televic.com)