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Edit Synoptics

A synoptic is a graphical representation of the meeting room. It can contain microphones as well as a background image of the room plan. In the Room Configurator you can create and edit the room synoptic. The synoptics page consists of four parts:

  • The ribbon: contains all basic functionalities to manage synoptics
  • Synoptic properties: configure more detailed settings such as the background image and size, background color, etc.
  • Node list: list with all available devices
  • Synoptic view: show the synoptic

Figure 1-10 The synoptic view in the CoCon Room Configurator

The ribbon

The following actions are available in the ribbon:

  • Save: saves the synoptic. When changing the tab without saving, a popup warns the user to save the synoptic.
  • Create: create a new synoptic. When going through the Room Configurator the first time, the user needs to click Create to create the initial synoptic canvas.
  • Clone: clone the selected synoptic and all of its parameters.
  • Remove: removes the selected synoptic.
  • Add room node by click: if you enable this button, you can assign nodes to the synoptic simply by clicking on the grid. The first unassigned node (node which does not yet have x-y coordinates on the synoptic), becomes selected and is positioned on the location of the grid where you clicked. Automatically, the next unassigned node becomes selected.
  • Skip room node:only possible when you use Add room node by click, click this button to skip the next node.
  • Remove synoptic nodes: removes the selected nodes from the synoptic.

Synoptic properties

The synoptic properties are divided into 3 categories:

  • Background image settings: configure the settings of the background image such as source of the background image, size and location.
  • Background grid settings: adjust the background grid settings such as size and showing or hiding the grid.
  • Synoptic settings: change the settings of the actual synoptic such as size and background color.

Node list

The node list contains all units that can be located onto the synoptic. It contains the following columns:

  • Green/red label in the front: indicates whether the unit is positioned on the synoptic or not.
  • ID: this is the node ID of the unit. This number corresponds with the Plixus web server and is the ID of the unit.
  • Priority: this shows if the unit has chairman or delegate priority.
  • X/Y: when the units are positioned on the synoptics, the X,Y coordinates are shown. These fields are editable to fine-tune the positioning.
  • Size: the size of the icon
  • Capabilities: the icons indicate the capabilities of the units.
  • Label: by default a label is added to the node, double-click the text field to change the content
  • Label location: this can be above, below, left or right
  • Label font size: the font size of the label
  • Node ID font size: the font size of the node ID which is located in the unit
It is possible to do a multi-select (by pressing SHIFT or CTRL), then change the value of the last unit in the list. This change is then applied to all selected nodes in the list.

Synoptic view

The synoptic view shows the image of the room you uploaded. On this image you can place the nodes containing the devices available in your setup. Each node shows the following information:

  • Id: shows the Id of the node. This corresponds to the seat number in the initialization list in the Plixus web server.
  • Priority: an icon indicates of the node is chairman of VIP. When there is no icon, the node has delegates priorities.
  • Status: the color of the node indicates the status. If the node is yellow the device is not active.
Creation date: 01/10/2019 11:00 (b.maertens@televic.com)      Updated: 11/10/2019 10:45 (b.maertens@televic.com)