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The main function of the Room Configurator is to create and manage all room synoptics, create interpreter booths and configure some default settings. You can find all these settings on the three tabs available in the Room Configurator:

  • Edit Synoptics: here you can create synoptics and edit existing synoptics. In the synoptics you can create a visual representation of your meeting room. You can drag the nodes containing the devices onto the image of your room. Here you also have an overview of all available seats/nodes and the capabilities and priority of the devices. See "Edit Synoptics" on page 1
  • Edit Booths: manage the interpreter booths, see "Edit Booths" on page 1
  • Defaults: configure different default settings. These are the default settings when you start your system. These settings contain conference settings such as microphone mode, as well as the default loudspeaker volume, the maximum number of language channels and the default Nameplate. See "Default Settings" on page 1.
In contrast to previous versions of CoCon, initialization of all units is now only possible on the Plixus web server. All functions on the Edit nodes tab of the previous versions of CoCon are now possible in the Edit mode on the Initialization page of the Plixus web server.

Figure 1-9 Landing page when you open the Room Configurator

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