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Room Server Window

When the room server is active, the Room Server icon will become available in the task bar notification area: or . When you right-click on the icon different, you get three possible actions:

  • Open the Room Server
  • Start the configuration wizard
  • Exit the Room Server

The Room Server window consists of different tabs which contain different types of information.

Figure 1-4 The Room Server window

The following sections give a detailed description of the information you can find in the different tabs.


The Info tab contains information about

  • the name of the server
  • the Room ID (DB)
  • the server version
  • the IP address of the Room Server
  • the IP address of the connected Plixus engine
  • the server protocol version used

License tab

The License tab contains the following information:

  • expiration date of the license,
  • an overview of the enabled licenses
  • possibility to change license


On the System tab you can find information about the active conference system:

  • Name, description and version of the conference system
  • Connection status to Plixus engine
  • Connection status to Core
  • Room Service status
  • Button to Restart system connection: this restarts the connection with the conference system
  • Button to Reboot Central Unit: this reboots the central unit connected to the Room Server
  • Button to Reset ERS... (Core): restarts Plixus Core.


Shows the connection state, location and version of the database.


This tab shows an overview of all the clients connected to the Room Server, the type of application, the computer name and “last alive check", which indicates when their connection was last verified.


On the logging tab you can find all Room Server and Room Service logging. In case of problems you can send these log files to the Televic Conference support team. Click the links to go to the log file folders.

You can also view the real-time logging. This opens a window where you can follow the real-time communication with the central unit.

This is a debug window and thus not extensively documented in this manual. However, useful information can be seen here.


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