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About D-Cerno

D-Cerno System Architecture

The D-Cerno system is a digital discussion system for small to medium-sized conference rooms.

The main characteristics of the system are:

  • Crystal-clear audio reproduction: digital signal processing, high-quality GSM interference free microphone and loudspeaker, resulting in excellent intelligibility.
  • Attractive, stylish design: contemporary, unobtrusive and low profile, fitting into modern and traditional style conference rooms
  • Plug and Play: easy installation, up and running in no time, ideal for frequently changing environments
  • High reliability: built-in redundancy feature – hygienic, easy to clean, consistent performance over the entire lifespan of the product.

Network structure

The central unit can control and power a total of 50 units over the four available conference ports. The network can be structured in two ways:

  • Branch configuration
  • Closed loop configuration

Each branch or loop can handle a maximum of 25 units if the total cable length is respected. The total cable length of a branch / loop cannot exceed the maximum of 400 m. The maximal cable length between units or between units and central unit is 80 m. The maximum power consumption of a unit is 2W.

Figure 1-1 shows a graphical representation of a configuration of the D-Cerno network. On the left side we see a branch configuration connected to port 1. On the right a closed loop configuration between port 3 and 4 is shown.

Figure 1-1 D-Cerno network

Designing a system in a closed loop configuration provides a redundant system and thus increases the reliability of the system. If for some reason a cable or unit malfunctions the system stays operational.

The units have the possibility to detect the flow of the signal automatically, providing a free port selection. If at some point no signal is provided anymore, the signal flow will be reversed automatically. As a result the system configuration stays operational.

The figure below illustrates:

Figure 1-2 D-Cerno branch configuration, no error


Figure 1-3 D-Cerno branch configuration with cable error, units after the cable are no longer active

Figure 1-4 D-Cerno loop configuration with cable error, all units remain functional

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