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Introduction to the Interpretation application

On the Plixus web server there is an option to create some basic interpreter configurations. Here you can create a list of channels with the name and display text with a booth or virtual booth assigned to it.

With the interpreter application you can create advanced interpreter configurations. You can have multiple configurations, and all options that are required for the ISO 20109 compliancy are configurable with this application.

In the interpreter application you can configure the following functions:

  • Create the language list used for the configurations
  • Create interpreter configurations
  • Pre-define the relays and B/C channels
  • Monitor the activity in the booths
  • Send messages to interpreter booths
Creation date: 27/09/2019 16:20 (b.maertens@televic.com)      Updated: 11/10/2019 10:45 (b.maertens@televic.com)