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Just like the configuration page, the monitoring page consists of a Channels list and Booths list. Above these two lists you can see the active preset.

Figure 1-70 The Monitoring page in the Interpreter application


This list is divided into several columns:

  • Languages gives the name of the channel, display text is linked with that channel.
  • Booth: the booth the A channel language is assigned to.
  • Quality: the quality of the channel. If the audio comes directly from the floor, then the quality is indicated as “floor". If it is a direct interpretation from the floor a “+", is shown. If it is a double relay interpretation a “-“ is shown.
  • Listeners: this depends whether the option is activated on the “Properties" page. It gives an indication of the amount of people listening to a certain channel.


The booths are sorted according to the booth number. For each booth, the desks are shown with the corresponding assigned A channel language. If the B-channel is configured, that language is indicated in “Active B/C". Also the relay from which the interpretation happens is indicated.

You can also see a visual representation of the desks inside the booth. When there is no interpretation ongoing, the desks are white. If a desk has an active microphone on the A-channel, the desk is green. If a B/C-channel is engaged, the desk is shown in orange.

Figure 1-71 How the Monitoring tab looks like during a meeting

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