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Discussion options

In this chapter you will find all information to configure the most important settings of your meeting. These settings are the number of open microphones, the microphone mode and the color of the microphone LED.

Number of open microphones

You can set the number of open microphones be between 1 and 25. This does not include the chairperson microphones. You can activate up to eight additional chairperson microphones on top of the 25 delegate microphones.

Microphone mode

Different microphone modes are available and depending on the mode, you can configure additional settings.

Direct access

With direct access delegates can activate their own microphone by pushing the microphone button. The following additional settings are available:




> Not-selected: microphone will not become active when the maximum number of open microphones is reached and you press the microphone button. Another active microphone must switch off first. Deactivation is possible by the delegate, via the operator page, through the chairperson using the API or CoCon.

> Selected: when the maximum number of open microphones is reached, the first activated microphone will switch off when a delegate presses its microphone button.

Allow delegates to switch off their microphone With this option you ensure delegates cannot switch off their own microphone. Only the operator or chairperson can do this.
Button toggle activation Press the microphone button once to activate the microphone.
Button push activation Keep button pressed to activate to microphone. When you release the button, the microphone will switch off.


In request mode you do not automatically get the floor when you activate your microphone. First you have to request the floor. The chairperson then assigns the floor to a speaker using the next-in-line button (or using the operator page, CoCon or the API). Which delegate may speak first is defined by the first-in-first-out principle. The chairperson units (or VIP units) can always speak immediately and do not have to request the floor.

For request mode additional settings can be configured:



Allow delegates to cancel their request Select this option to allow user to cancel their request to speak by pressing the microphone button.
Allow delegates to switch off their microphone Select to allow user to switch off their microphone by pressing the microphone button. If not selected the microphone will only switch off when another events stops the microphone for example by using the operator page.
Enable reply Select to enable the reply functionality. With this function you can reply to a certain speaker which will put you in different request list that has priority over the default request list. Define which button to use for the reply function (Reply, Prior, Next).


Voice activation (VoX) is a mode where the microphone button is not used. The microphone becomes active when it detects sound above a certain threshold. You can configure Voice activation in the Group discussion mode. The following settings can be configured:



Threshold The system will monitor the ambient sound level and will activate the microphone when it is above the configured threshold value.
Hold time Determines the number of seconds the microphone stays active after detection of the last sound above threshold.

Group mode

Group mode is a semi-automatic mode for standalone conferences where less protocol has to be followed and no operator is available. Pressing the microphone button activates the microphone unless the maximum amount of open microphones is reached. In this case the microphone will go into request mode. When another microphone becomes inactive, the first unit in the request list will become active.

This mode has 3 activation types: toggle, push to talk and vox.



Toggle Press microphone button once to activate microphone.
Push to talk Keep microphone button pressed to activate microphone.
Voice activation Microphone becomes active when it detects sound above a defined threshold. For more information see "VoX" .


With the operator mode delegates cannot activate their own microphone. Only a command from CoCon, the operator page or the API can activate these delegate microphones. Delegates can deactivate their microphone by pressing the microphone button. Chairman can always activate microphones and use the priority button if he wants to switch off the delegate microphones.

Microphone LED

Change the LED color of an active microphone or a microphone in request. By default the LED of an active microphone is red and for a microphone in request green.

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