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Couple with Confidea G3

With Plixus it is possible to combine wired units with wireless ones. You can add one or more Confidea G3 WCAPs to your Plixus network simply by connecting them to one of the conference ports. For more information on the installation of the WCAPs in the Plixus network see "Install Confidea G3" on page 1

We advise to first couple wireless units with the WCAPs in standalone mode and upgrade units and WCAP to the latest version. When the devices need a new upgrade, you can simply uncouple and update the units in standalone mode using the Confidea G3 web server.

Couple WCAP with engine

  1. Select Confidea G3 coupling in the main menu. This screen will show you all available WCAPs.
  2. Click Enable coupling to connect with the Plixus system. After coupling you are able to see which frequencies the WCAPs are using together with their MAC address.
It is best to only enable or disable Confidea G3 coupling when no microphones are active, because this can lead to audio distortion.

Figure 1-80 Couple Confidea G3 WCAP with Plixus

Figure 1-81 View coupled Confidea G3 WCAPs and their details

Associate units with WCAP

  1. Select Initialization from the main menu.
  2. Click Open initialization to associate wireless units with the WCAPs.
  3. Select the radio button of the WCAP you want associate the units with.
  4. Press the microphone button from the units (red blinking LED) you want to associate with the WCAP. The LEDs of the units turn green when there initialized.
  5. Select the radio button from the other WCAP(s) to associate units.
  6. Click Stop initialization. For every wireless unit you can see the name of the WCAP they are associated with.

Takeover WCAP

To be able to transfer units from one WCAP to another, the WCAP you want to transfer units to can have no units already associated in Plixus. However, they can have units associated in standalone mode.

Figure 1-82 The Confidea G3 coupling page

  1. Select Confidea G3 coupling in the main menu.
  2. When there is a WCAP available to transfer units to (i.e. with no units associated in the Plixus network) you will see the button Takeover under the WCAP that can transfer units. Click the button.
  3. Select the WCAP to transfer the units to.
  4. All units are now transferred to the selected WCAP.
Creation date: 23/09/2019 14:14 (b.maertens@televic.com)      Updated: 16/10/2019 14:11 (j.callant@televic.com)