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Video-In box

Through the Pliux Video-IN (V-IN) box you can insert a HDMI video stream anywhere in the Plixus network. There are two modes available for the V-IN box:

  • Fixed routing
  • Push to show

You can use multiple V-IN boxes in a Plixus network. Group V-IN boxes in order to create a presentation stream based on a push to show principle (using the Video-Request button or dry contacts). A total of six streams can be active in the Plixus network at any given time.

Figure 1-13 Video-IN box

  1. Insert HDMI video stream
  2. Two Plixus conference ports
  3. Dry contacts for video stream input request
  4. USB connection to V-REQ
The USB connection for the V-REQ is not a standard USB connection. This connection only works for the V-REQ.


The V-IN box supports the following formats:

  • 1920×1080p60
  • 1920×1080p30
  • 1280×720p30
  • Interlace is not supported

Video request

The video stream input request can be done via dry contacts or by using the Plixus V-REQ (video input request button), see the image below.

Connection of V-REQ to the Video In Box is done through the included micro USB cable.

Figure 1-14 Video-Request button

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