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The uniBOX comes with all connections to combine almost any screen with different Confidea F modules such as a microphone button, a voting board, an RFID badge reader, and different other components. Link the uniBOX to a desktop screen or go for a more integrated look, and combine the uniBOX with a motorized screen that disappears into the table.

You can power the uniBOX over the Plixus network or you can power it using the snap and lock mini DIN power connector, for more information see "Power supply" on page 1.

Figure 1-18 uniBOX and its connections

The uniBOX has the following connections:

  1. Snap and lock mini DIN power plug
  2. Two Plixus conference ports
  3. HDMI OUT connector
  4. Two USB connectors
  5. Micro-MaTch connector for voting, RFID, channel selection board
  6. Micro-MaTch connector for microphone button board
  7. Loudspeaker port
  8. Headphones port
Creation date: 23/09/2019 11:50 (b.maertens@televic.com)      Updated: 16/10/2019 13:26 (j.callant@televic.com)