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T-Cam Package

The T-Cam package consists of the following elements:

71.98.1300 T-Cam Package

This is the basic camera tracking package. This box contains all the equipment and specific cables required to install a camera tracking system with 2 cameras. It includes the following components:

  • Video switcher: Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio or Black Magic ATEM TV Studio HD
  • 2 HD-SDI Cameras: VC-G302
  • Capture card: Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder or Epiphan AV.io HD (USB 3.0)
  • Camera interconnection cables: VC-AC06 and 2 VC-AC07
  • T-Cam Software: PC software with license for control of 2 cameras

71.98.1301 T-Cam Camera & License

This add-on can be ordered for an additional camera. For the T-Cam solution a maximum of 4 cameras can be controlled, meaning that the basic package can be extended with 2 add-ons. This additional article contains:

  • 1 HD-SDI Camera: VC-G302
  • Camera interconnection cable: VC-AC07
  • License allowing additional cameras

71.98.1302 T-Cam Name Overlay

This article is an add-on to the basic T-Cam Package. A name overlay is added onto the video output.

  • License including this add-on
The names for the video overlay come from the T-Cam Camera protocol.

To mount the capture card , a PC with PCI slot is required.

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