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Install delegate units

Keep at least one meter between two consecutive units to prevent howling effects.

Connect Plixus units

For all system cable connections use CAT 5e FTP cables with an RJ-45 shielded connector. Plixus units have an automatic port sensing feature. This means that it doesn’t matter which port is used, the units automatically detect whether it is an input or output.

Each unit has two conference ports, below you can find a list with all Plixus compatible units and the location of their conference ports.

Unit type

Conference port location

Confidea T Bottom side of unit
Confidea F Built-in part of unit, location may vary depending on the type of unit.

Plixus Nameplate

Bottom side of unit


Built-in part of unit

Interpreter Desk Back side of unit

Connect to Plixus engine

After connecting the different Plixus units to each other, connect the branch of units to one of the conference network ports of the Plixus AE-R, MME or a network extender.

  • The Plixus AE-R and MME have four conference network ports.
  • General rule: 80 units can be supported directly by the central unit. However this depends on type on units , cable sections and length. To calculate the exact amount with the Plixuq power calculator tool.
  • The central unit can deliver 400 W for external loads (for the Plixus AE-R this is 200 W, which you can increase to 400 W with an additional external power supply)
  • The cable length to the first unit should not exceed 100 m.
  • The cable length between the units should not exceed 100 m.
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