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Power supply design

Power availability and consumption table

Power availability

Plixus MME total power supply 500 W (400 W available for Plixus ports)
Plixus AE-R power supply 220 W

One single Plixus port allows

100 W (engine ports or extension ports)


Maximum power consumption

71.98.0105 - 71.98.0118

71.98.0501 - 71.98.0515

Confidea F/T 5 W


Confidea CS 2 W


uniCOS F-MM7

12 W (1 USB port)

+ 2.5W when using second USB


uniCOS F-MM10

15 W (1 USB port)

+ 2.5W when using second USB


uniCOS T-MM10

15 W (1 USB port)

+ 2.5W when using second USB


Plixus NEXT 7 W



11.3 (1 USB port)

+ 2.5W when using second USB


Lingua Interpreter Desk - Audio only 11 W


Lingua Interpreter Desk - Video 12 W


Video-IN box 6 W


Video-OUT box

5.5 W


Confidea WCAP

10 W


Plixus Nameplate

4 W

Maximum distance between units 100 m (signal regenerated in every unit)

Minimum required voltage per unit

36 V

The general rule states that you should use a maximum 20 delegate units per branch / loop.

Plixus AE-R power supply

The Plixus AE-R does not have an internal power supply, however it does have two power connectors. By default you get one power supply together with the engine. You can extend this power supply with another as redundancy or when the system requires more power.

To check how many power supplies you require, consult the flowchart shown below.

Figure 1-31 How to decide to need an additional Plixus AE-R power supply

Calculator tool

The Plixus Power Calculator Tool allows to you to validate a configuration in more detail. It takes into account the network cable lengths, power cable lengths and the different types of equipment.

The Plixus Power Calculator Tool can be easily found on the Televic Partner Domain.

Regardless of the calculator values, the maximum values above still apply. If more units, more power or a larger length is needed, then you need to create a separate branch using a Network Extender.

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