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General installation guidelines

The following installation design rule apply for one branch / loop powered only by the Plixus engine (internal 48 Vdc power supply) or an external Plixus Power Supply:

  • A maximum of 100 W
  • A specific maximum of devices per product family per branch / loop
  • A maximum cable length between two units of 100 m

Units per branch / loop

Depending on the type of unit we advise to add a maximum amount of devices per branch. This is to ensure that the last device in the branch receives enough power (only for devices powered over Ethernet) and limit delay data transmission.

In the table below you can see the maximum allowed devices per branch.

Device type

Max. number per branch

Confidea T/F 20
Confidea F channel selector 30
uniCOS F/MM (externally powered) 30

uniCOS F/MM7 (powered over cable)


uniCOS F/MM10 (powered over cable)


Lingua Interpreter Desk


uniBOX (externally powered) 30

uniBOX (powered over cable)


Video IN / OUT 8

Plixus NEXT


Confidea G3 WCAP


Confidea F-DIV-C


Plixus Nameplate


When to use a network extender

When the four Plixus conference ports provided by the engine are insufficient for your system, you can extend your range by using network extenders (Plixus NEXT). A network extender has four additional conference ports, which allows you to add much more units to your network.

There a two possible configurations to use these network extender, you can daisy-chain them or put them in a tree structure. When you daisy-chain network extenders you can use a maximum of eight extenders per branch. In a tree structure there are no limitations. See "Installation diagram" on page 1 for a schematic representation of these cases.

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