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Combine Plixus with Confidea G3

Combine wired and wireless units

With Plixus it is possible to combine wired and wireless units this can be the case when disabled people require a wireless microphone. You can also use the wireless units to extend the amount of people that can join the meeting. A third reason to combine wired and wireless, is to use the wireless system as backup.

Figure 1-33 How to combine wired and wireless units in a single Plixus setup

Combine interpretation with wireless units

In the Confidea G3 unit product range, multiple units that can support that support channel selection are available. Couple such units with the Plixus engine to receive the channels from the Lingua Interpreter Desks in your Plixus network.

Figure 1-34 How to distribute languages using radio frequency

Range extension with multiple access points

Improve the range of your room by using multiple WCAPs. By using multiple WCAPs you are able to connect to much more units spread out over the entire meeting room. For more information on how to position the WCAPs for optimal transmission see the Confidea G3 dedicated user guide.

Figure 1-35 Improve the range of your system by using multiple WCAPs

Split and combine rooms

Use the WCAP in standalone mode for small meetings. For larger meetings you can combine multiple rooms by coupling the WCAPs with the Plixus engine. In this way you can manage all units centrally using the Plixus engine and web server.

When you need to split the room again, simply uncouple the WCAP from Plixus. The WCAP will go back to standalone mode where it remembers all its previous settings.

The Plixus engine will remember the WCAPs once they were coupled. Just couple them using the web server whenever you need to combine rooms.

Figure 1-36 Use the WCAPs in standalone mode when you need to seperate rooms or combine to rooms into one by coupling the WCAPs to the Plixus network.

Create redundancy

Use multiple WCAPs to create redundancy. When one WCAP fails you can easily switch to associated units to another empty WCAP using the web server. See "Couple with Confidea G3" on page 1

Figure 1-37 Create redundancy by having a backup WCAP in your Plixus system with no associated units. Transfer units in case of problems to this backup WCAP by using the Plixus Core web server.

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