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Access the web server

Before you can access the web server you need to configure your IP address as described in "Configure IP settings" on page 1

Install cables

To access the web server connect your computer or smartphone (by means of a router) to the LAN port using a straight-through patch cable.

Figure 1-18 LAN port on the D-Cerno central unit

Access the web server

The web server is HTML 5 based web server, which is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone, Android or iPad.

To access the web server open your web browser and type in in the address bar, press enter. You will then see the D-Cerno login screen. The default password is "1234", click Login.

Figure 1-19 D-Cerno login screen

Default screen

After you successfully establishing a connection to the D-Cerno webserver and passing the password screen, the default D-Cerno screen appears.

Figure 13.11: Default screen


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