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Configure the Lingua IR receivers

Monitor receivers

Figure 12-1 The Receiver page of the web server

On the Receiver page you get an overview of the receivers in the charging case. Here you can see on which positions receivers are charging. Different colors indicate different states of the receivers:



Green Receiver fully charged and no errors

Light green

The receiver is updating

Red Error with receiver. Depending on the error different actions are possible.
Blue The receiver is updating

Below the table you can find additional receiver information when you click on a receiver in the overview image.



Slot The position in the charging case were the receiver is located
Errors Errors on the receiver
Serial Serial number of the receiver
Battery charge Battery percentage of the receiver
Maximum channels Amount of licensed channels on the receiver
Application Firmware version
Bootloader Bootloader version
VHDL VHDL version
Hardware Hardware version

Update receivers

To update the receivers download the tuf file from the Televic Conference website (https://www.televic-conference.com/en/lingua-ir-software-updates). Open the file and start the upload on the Update page. When the upload is complete, you can start the update process.

On the receiver page you can see the progress of the update process. Updating receivers are indicated in blue. When the receiver update is done click Finish update.

When there is a communication error on the receiver then that receiver will not update.

Figure 12-2 The charging case view when the receivers are updating

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