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Mount the radiators

The design of the radiators does not restrict you to a to a specific mount. The radiator supports all VESA 100 × 100 mounts. Below you can find a detailed description of how to install Televic Conference's radiator mount. For other VESA mounts you can use a similar installation process.

Position the radiator as defined by the calculator tool. After mounting you will still need to test the coverage of the transmitter using the Lingua IR receivers.

Lingua RAD mount specifications

Televic Conference also provides a radiator mount. This is a basic VESA mount which you can tilt and turn sideways.

Figure 1-16 The front, side, and back view of the Lingua RAD view together with tilting and pivoting range of the mount

Figure 1-17 Lingua RAD mount parts

Attach Lingua RAD mount to the wall

Follow the procedure described below to attach the RAD mount to a wall:

  1. Determine the mounting location on the wall.
  2. Use a stud finder to locate 2" x 4" wood stud
  3. Use wall bracket (E) to mark and drill two 1/8 x 2 1/2�? holes in wall at desired mounting location. (See Figure 1-18 )
  4. Use two 1/4-2 1/2�? hex head lag screws (F) and two 1/4�? washers (G) to install wall bracket (E) onto wall.
Over-tightening screws (F) may cause bracket to compress into soft wall surface resulting in difficult mount installation or improper engaging of set screw in Step 6.
  1. Hang monitor arm (A) over wall bracket (E).
  2. Secure monitor arm to wall bracket (E) by tightening set screw. Ensure set screw engages back side of wall bracket (E) to properly secure mount.

Figure 1-18 How to mount the Lingua RAD mount onto the wall

Prepare radiator for mounting

To attach the radiator to the wall, you first need to remove the faceplate from the mount and attach it to the radiator. Follow the instructions below to prepare the radiator:

  1. Remove quick release faceplate from mount by pulling quick release lever and sliding faceplate off mount.

Figure 1-19 How to remove the faceplate from the mount

  1. Carefully place front face down on protective surface.
  2. Connect faceplate to back cover. Using a Phillips screwdriver, carefully install four M4x14mm screws (B) through corresponding holes on faceplate and into the mounting holes on the radiator. (See Figure 1-20 )
    The screws to the faceplate to the radiator cannot be longer than 15mm.

Figure 1-20 Attach faceplate to radiator

  1. Position radiator with faceplate attached above mount. (See Figure 1-21 )
  2. Slide faceplate onto mounting head until quick release tab clicks into place. (See figure below)

Figure 1-21 Position radiator onto Lingua RAD mount

Adjust orientation of mount

Pitch Adjustment

  1. Adjust pitch to desired tilt position. (See Figure 1-22 )
  2. Adjust pitch tension screw to change the adjustment tension. (See Figure 1-22 )

Pivot Adjustment

  1. Adjust pivot position as desired. (See Figure 1-22 )
  2. Use 3/16�? hex key (Q) to adjust pivot point tension screws to change pivot adjustment tension. (See Figure 1-22 )

Figure 1-22 How to change the orientation of the Lingua RAD mount

Remove from mount

Remove the radiator from the mount by pulling the quick release lever and sliding the faceplate off the mount. (See Figure 1-23 ).

Only remove the radiator from mount when the radiator can be lifted up from the mount!
DO NOT remove radiator unless the radiator is in the upright position!

Figure 1-23 How to release the radiator from the RAD mount




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