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How to use the footprint calculator tool

Figure 1-15 The footprint calculator tool

With this tool you can visualize the footprint of your radiators by adjusting the position parameters of the radiators. To get a clear picture of the different footprints in your room, start by defining the length and width (A) You can also upload an image of your room setup by clicking the button next to the Canvas parameter, then you can check if all seats have reception. Click Draw canvas to visualize the room.

Select the number of channels (B), because this can significantly affect the footprint of the radiators.Then add the radiators to the room. Enter the number of radiators and click Apply. Per radiator you can define the following parameters (C):



X [m] The X position of the radiator in the room
Y [m] The Y position of the radiator in the room
H [m] The height of the mounted radiator
Azimuth [deg] The radius of the radiator in a horizontal pane
Tilting [deg] The tilting angle of the mounted radiator

Each radiator has a different color. If you want to remove radiators, reduce the number of radiators in the #Radiators field and click Apply. The last radiator(s) in the list will be removed. Click Calculate coverage to visualize the radiator footprints. When you change one of the parameters, you need to click Calculate coverage again to update the footprints.

The visualization (D) shows all radiators and the direction of the radiation they emit. In this view you can also see the combined footprint of all radiators. You can easily add or adjust the radiators to cover your complete room.

The calculator takes into account the boost mode of the CoCon radiator.
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