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Lingua Charging Case


Figure 1-6 Lingua IR charging case

  1. LAN connection: two connections to daisy chain multiple charging cases and to configure the charging case and receiver settings using the web server.
  2. Two mains connectionsfor loop through. You can daisy chain up to three charging cases when using 125V or maximum of six for 230V.
  3. Status LED: shows the status of the Lingua IR charging case.
  4. Reset button: different reset options are available see "Reset the Lingua IR Charging Case" on page 1 for more information.
  5. Receiver slot: positions in the case to charge and update Lingua IR receivers.
  6. Receiver LED: indicates the status of the receiver.
You can use multiple charging cases in one setup. Simply connect the different charging cases using the LAN connection provided on the case.

Charging case status LED meaning

LED status


Green Normal operating system
Blinking blue Updating receivers or charging case


Indicates an error


fallback mode

charging case receiver LED meaning

LED status


Blinking green The receiver is charging
Green The receiver is fully charged and functional
Blue Indicates the receiver is updating
Red Indicates that there is something wrong with the receiver, go to the receiver web server to see the type of error.

Reset the Lingua IR Charging Case

There is a reset button on the charging case that allows you to reset specific settings depending on the reset procedure you perform:

reset network settings:

When the status LED is green (after power-up), you can reset the network settings back to with subnet mask Press and hold the reset button until the status LED changes to red (approximately 10 seconds). After you release the reset button, the charging case will reboot with the default network settings.

Factory reset

When you perform a factory reset you reset network settings and all configurations. Press and hold the reset button before switching on the power of the charging case. Hold the reset button until the status LED turns blue. Release the reset button to reboot the charging case in fallback mode.

In fallback mode, the web server will have reduced functionalities. You are only able to upload an update file. After reboot, the web server will have all functionalities again. Now, upload the update file again to complete the update process of the firmware. After the final reboot, you can create new configurations.

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