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Lingua IR Receiver

With the receiver you can listen to the audio transmitted by the radiator. Depending on your license you can receive six, twelve or forty channels. The receiver has 270° wide reception angle and needs no configuration to use. With the clip available on the back, you can easily attach the receiver to your clothes while keeping your hands free.

When you plug in the headphone, the receiver automatically switches on.


Figure 1-5 The Lingua IR receivers

  1. Volume control: Use the up or down buttons to adjust the volume accordingly.
  2. Channel selector: press the up and down buttons to switch between channels.
  3. LCD display: shows the ISO code of the selected language and channel number. Additional information can be displayed when you press and hold different button combinations. See note for more information.
  4. Charging contacts: these need to be aligned correctly with the contacts in the charging case to charge correctly.
  5. Clip: use the clip to attach the receiver to your clothes or belts.
  6. Battery: to change the battery, unfasten the screws at the bottom of the receiver.
  7. Headphone connector: plug in the headphone to switch on the receiver.
Keep the top part of the receiver free at all times. This part holds the infrared sensitve diode and placing objects (like stickers or headphone cords) on top of the LED will block the infrared signal and prevent you from receiving the audio.

For optimal reception of the IR signal, aim the back of the receiver towards the radiator. All objects between the receiver and the radiator will block the infrared signal from reaching the receiver.

When you press different buttons at the same time you can see additional information on the receiver screen. The following combinations are possible:

> For application, bootloader, VHDL, hardware version and battery level and health: press and hold the top buttons on each side of the receiver and plug in the headphone.

> For logging: press and hold the top button on one side and the bottom button on the other side and plug in the headphone. Press the right button to reset the logging

Receiver Variants

Different variants are available for the Lingua IR receiver with different amounts of channels. The amount of channels is hard coded into the devices, which means you cannot upgrade the receiver when you need additional channels.

Receiver information

On the OLED screen of the receiver different information can be displayed. You can see the channel and the language (ISO) , and the volume of the receiver. There are also different icons availabe that have a specific meaning:



Shows the remaining battery life of the receiver (5%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%).

You can see this information if you press one of the buttons when the headphone is not plugged in.

The receiver will indicate when the battery is almost empty

Problem with fuel gauge of battery: it is notpossible to see the battery life of the receiver.

Remove the battery and insert it gain to solve the problem.

Plug in the headphone
The emergency signal is being broadcast


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