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Lingua IR Radiator


Figure 1-4 Front, back, and top view of Lingua IR radiator

  1. Status LED: consists of three multicolor LED lights that show the radiator status and other radiator related information.
  2. Infrared LEDs: the LED lights that transmit the IR signal. Adjust the intensity by changing the power settings.
  3. Mains connector
  4. IR signal connector: connect to transmitter or other radiator using a RG59 coax cable with BNC connectors.
  5. VESA mounting holes: compatible with all VESA 100 × 100 mounts
  6. Safety eye: for additional security to mount the radiator
  7. Cooling fins: to cool the radiator during usage

Radiator power levels

The Lingua IR radiator has four different power modes, which you can set using the web server. You can use different power levels to increase the life span of the infrared LEDs (by reducing the power level) or to increase the range of your infrared signal (by increasing the power level). The following power levels are available:

Power level


Power off No power
Reduced power Power at 33% of its maximum capacity
Normal power Power at 66% of its maximum capacity
Boost power Power at 100% of its maximum capacity. Beware that when you use the radiator at this power level this reduces the life span of the infrared LEDs.

Radiator LED status meaning

LED status



Power OK, but there is no signal  
Power on, signal present  

Power on, signal present

Synchronization error


Calibration started


Calibration successful


Calibration failed

All IR LEDs are forced to power off

Temperature error

All IR LEDs are forced to power off

No temperature error, less than three IR diode lines defective


Three or more IR diode lines defective

Board defective



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