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System configuration

Regional settings

To configure the regional settings select Regional settings from the menu. Here you can configure the language of the web server. You can also select the country or region, this will determine which frequencies are available in accordance with local regulations.

Figure 1-20 How to configure the regional settings of Plixus

update Plixus

Check firmware versions

  1. Click Update versions in the main menu.

  2. On this page you can see the firmware version of the WCAP (A) as well as the firmware version of the delegate units (B)
  3. To check whether you have the latest version, go to https://www.televic-conference.com/en/confidea-g3-software-updates and select Confidea G3. On these pages you can also see the latest release notes.

Update firmware of WCAP and WDU

The same update procedure applies for the WCAP firmware as for the WDU firmware.

The update may take a while; do not turn off the device. During update you are unable to use the device. When updating delegate units, check whether battery status is at least 50% and that you have the least amount of interference. Interference will drastically increase the update time.
  1. Click Update versions in the main menu.
  2. Go to https://www.televic-conference.com/en/confidea-g3-software-updates, select Confidea G3.
  3. Download the update for the WCAP (A) and/or the WDU (B).

    WCAP and WDU firmware versions need to be updated separately. The format of the update file of the WDU looks like this: “WDU.x.yz.tar“ or “WDU.x.yz.tuf�?. The update file of the WCAP has the following format: “AP.x.yz.tar“ or “AP.x.yz.tuf“.
  4. Click Upload update file on the update page and select the downloaded update file.

  5. Click Install updates. The application will check if the file is correct and then install the firmware. The web server will show you the progress of the installation. If the update fails, the system will boot in golden mode allowing you to retry the update.

    During WDU update the microphone LEDs on the units will alternate between red and green.

    If a unit is accidentally switched off during the update (e.g. due to empty battery) , this will temporarily stop the update , but after a few minutes the update for the other units will continue
  6. When the update is finished, click Continue to reboot the WCAP. After a delegate unit update, only the devices will reboot.
  7. When you return to the update page, you now see the firmware version you installed for the WCAP and/or WDU’s.

Login settings

Select Login settings ( ) in the main menu to change user name and password. Click Save settings to save any changes made.

System info

On the system info page you can find the following information:



Device information Shows device specific information of the WCAP
System information Shows system information such as IP address and mode
License Place to upload your CoCon license, click Upload license
Reboot WCAP Click Reboot WCAP to restart the device

Figure 1-21 The system info page


To see the system logging select the Logging ( ) from the main menu. You can use the logging screen as a monitoring or analysis tool when certain problems occur . This page captures every event , change of settings , warning and other messages. You can easily filter which messages you want to see by clicking the message button on top of the page (A).

Figure 1-22 The logging page

The following information is available:


Information type


Info Messages concerning delegate units connecting, microphone activations

Settings Messages concerning change of settings

Warning Warnings messages, this designates anything that can potentially cause problems.

Error Indicates that there is a problem that needs further attention


To see and alter encryption settings select Encryption () from the main menu. The WCAP uses AES 128 bit encryption. The Confidea comes with a built-in default factory encryption key. However to increase the security or to ensure that only specific delegate units can connect to the WCAP, another random encryption key can be generated and uploaded. This key will be sent to all delegates connected to the system. If another encryption option is selected, then only those units having the correct encryption will be able to log onto the system.

If you want to add another unit to the system, you need to select the default encryption first.
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