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Use the Confidea-D MIC30SL (30 cm) - D MIC40SL (40 cm) - D MIC50SL (50 cm) removable microphones with the different delegate and chairman units. This microphone ha a unidirectional response for optimum performance even in noisy conditions, and has a very low susceptibility to RF-interference from mobile phones.

Electrical and acoustic properties



Transducer type Back electret (condenser)
Operating principle Pressure gradient
Polar pattern Uni-directional, cardioïd
Nominal impedance Bias resistor = 1k2
Vdd = 3.3 V DC,
SPL = 1Pa
Max.SPL at 1 kHz 110 DB SPL (1% THD+N)
Signal to noise ratio >67 dB(A)
Free field sensitivity 9.4 mV/Pa, ±3 dB @ 1 kHz or
(-40.5 dB, 0 dB = 1 V/Pa @ 1 kHz)

Power supply

3.3 V DC, 0.5 mA

Consumption 0.5 mA (without LED ring);
max. 25 mA (with illuminated ring)

Microphone connector

Figure 1-10 Microphone connections

  • pin 1 : microphone GND
  • pin 2 : microphone signal
  • pin 3 : unused
  • pin 4 : LED +
  • pin 5 : LED –


The microphone contains the following elements.

  • Indicator ring: shows the status of the microphone
  • Union nut: attaches the removable microphone to the unit
  • Microphone plug: connects the microphone to the unit

The color of the microphone indicator ring shows the status of the microphone.



Red (on) Microphone active
Red (blinking) Last minute of speech time (if set via software) or Speech request (if set via software)
Green (on) Microphone is initialized
Green (blinking) Microphone request
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