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Wireless Conference Access Point (WCAP)


All communication to and from the wireless units is controlled by the WCAP.

Figure 1-2 How to attach the antennas to the WCAP


Wall Mounting

The WCAP can be mounted on the wall by means of the 2 fixing holes at the bottom of the device. To prevent accidents from happening, attach the device to the wall in accordance with the installation instructions.

Figure 1-3 How to mount the CoCon WCAP to a wall

Tripod Mounting

The WCAP can also be mounted on a tripod.

Figure 1-4 How to mount the WCAP onto a tripod

Connections and Controls

Figure 1-5 Confidea WCAP connections

Figure 1-6 Confidea WCAP LEDs

  1. Power Switch: The WCAP can be switched on/off with the power switch at the back of the WCAP.
  2. Power Supply: The power supply of the WCAP is provided by a 110 - 230VAC/24VDC adaptor
  3. Digital Bus Connection: Connection with the Plixus conference bus is done through RJ45 – connectors at the back of the WCAP
  4. Cable retention clip: The cable retention clip is used to safeguard the cable of the power adaptor
  5. LAN port: Through the LAN connector at the back of the WCAP, a PC can be connected using a standard cat 5e FTP network cable.
  6. Status LEDs: See below for detailed info on LED status
  7. Aux input: Auxiliary balanced input connector
  8. Aux output: Auxiliary balanced output connector

Specifications of the ACDC adapter:

  • 24V / 0.625A
  • DC power plug: outer diameter: 5.5mm
  • Inner diameter: 2.1mm
  • Polarity:

LED Meaning





White     Boot sequence started
Blinking red     Unitialized fallback mode
Fixed red     Initialized fallback mode
Blinking green     Unitialized application
Fixed green     Initialized application


Blinking white


Update in progress

Fixed green


Fixed blue

Plixus coupling active

Fixed green


Blinks blue

Plixus coupling active and initialization is open

Fixed green

Fixed pink

Fixed blue

Plixus coupling active, the WCAP has no associated Confidea G3 units (when more then 1 WCAP is coupled with Plixus)

Blinking red, green, blue

Blinking red, green, blue

Blinking red, green, blue

Test mode

At startup, the transition from boot sequence started (blinking white led) to application mode started (blinking green) is very short and so the short red led activation in between might even not be noticed
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