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Audio settings

On the Audio page you can configure all general audio settings for the Plixus system.

General volume

This sets the volume for the loudspeakers in the room. The value can range from - 96dB to + 6dB. You can also change the volume by turning the control dial of the MME or volume dial of the AE-R.

Dynamics processing

The dynamics processor settings are global settings that are applied to every microphone unit individually. These settings determine the dynamic range of the audio input.

There are four default presets available for the user, for a detailed description of these presets to see the table below. Click Advanced settings to see these presets and edit them. However, you cannot overwrite predefined options, you can only save changes as Custom preset 1 or 2.



Default This preset has been optimized for medium-sized conference rooms.
Default (without noise gate) Removes the noise gate, use when the noise in the room is limited.
External speakers Shifts the knee-point of the compressor stage to a higher input value resulting in less chance of feedback when external speakers are used.
External speakers (without noise gate) Same settings as external speakers, but without the noise gate.

Figure 1-63 Figure 3 13 - Audio - Advanced dynamics settings

Auto gain reduction

Auto gain reduction reduces the amount of gain in signal in function of the number of open microphones. As the number of open microphones causes the noise to go up, a gain reduction can increase the intelligibility. There are four presets available with different gain curves:

In rooms where the acoustics are very good, the auto gain reduction may be turned off. In smaller rooms or rooms where external speakers are quite close to certain microphones, it can be challenging to have enough intelligibility everywhere without feedback. Therefore a medium or high setting may be required.

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